The hardest attribute of God to believe is omni-benevolence. That notion is so far outside our comprehension, that, really, anything goes!

Outwardly silent, ear-muffed in our symphony of electronic flatulence and gazes fixed: Bohdidharma would be impressed (not understanding our technology, nor our stares).

We want to want less pie, but do not want reasonable opinions. We desire to be those that we want less cake and desire to define “less” itself.

My economic recovery plan: government subsides for monomania.

Time heals all wounds but how much time do you have?

A mistake to assume the affluent have followed their dreams. A mistake to assume the successful have ever dreamed at all. If we don’t make fools of such men, who will? We who are lousy with truth and the deep thinking.

When the still, small voice whispers “Non est tanti…”

Work is what we must do to ensure our lives have margins in which we can scribble.

What great idiocy is your upbraiding meant to reveal?

The acknowledgement of constraints as a necessary component of art is utterly redundant.

No greater joy for a father than to be understood by the son.

There are certain things everyone has to do, no matter how they think of themselves.



Big one: no clothing, books or music purchases for myself in 2013. Why? “Because of the exigencies of capitalism, things have gotten a little weird.” I’ve not read all the books in my bookshelf, my “records to check-out” list-making obsessiveness is making me tired and I’m warm enough. I self-soothe with and that just ain’t cool.

Also, secretly, I’ve always thought of myself as an artist/writer. Somehow I lost that plot and I’ve relegated such creative urges to silliness, although I’ve never second guessed my need to consume culture. And even if all the books in my pile are always canon, always “important”, I’m still just a consumer… It does get to me when I really think about it. I guess maybe the consolations of other’s art ain’t exactly cutting it right now. To that end, I’ve started writing little aphorisms and snippets of, I guess, poetry on my phone whenever I find myself idle (on that note, see which amazes me).

Harder than the writing, of course, is the mawkishness of such scribbling. Its damn hard to get past issues of qualities and recriminations like, “if you wanted to do this, you should have started a regular regime 10 years ago!” Issues of practicality, “professionalizing,” etc etc

At any rate, I’ve signed up for a poetry workshop at the Writer House. I find this prospect both exciting and, mainly, terrifying. Wish me luck.

Maternity Clothing: Ideas and Resources

One of the most popular posts on this blog is a Maternity Clothing Rant. It gets about 5 hits a day on this blog just through Google searching.

This is a follow-up post since that one was pretty negative. I was in the thick of pregnancy ennui, still feeling ill, and tired of wearing maternity clothing. It was a bit depressing and I was seeing the glass “half empty”. I have been thinking of a few follow-up posts about pregnancy and maternity wear, a post about planning for baby, and also planning for birth. I will probably tuck these away to share with my sisters and friends in the coming years.

Click below to read more about maternity wear and to see all of my resources for looking chic! (Without buying mall maternity).

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