On Friendship, Being 30 and 16 Weeks Pregnant…

I’m 30! I’m pregnant! Two huge milestones in my life. Looking back throughout the years, the nebulous themes of being married, pregnant or 30 were all lumped into a fuzzy category of “someday” and were exciting prospects that I didn’t think practically about at all.

One thing I gave some impractical thought to was being 30. That was because I was a little bit scared of turning 30. The whole idea of it being a big mile marker in one’s life, the fact that my Mom had all of her kids by age 30, the fear of getting gray hairs or wrinkles. Nobody wants to think about that, but I’m a natural worrier so that’s where I went: Old. Gray. Wrinkles?

Of course being 30 is still considered young. I have years to go until I’m considered “old”. What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of critical thinking about my life and future I would be doing at this stage in my life. Luckily, I don’t have many regrets about my 20s aside from wishing I  had stuck up for myself more in my first two jobs (internship and an awful place in Falls Church) and been able to spend more one on one time with my Grandmother before she died (we were close). My problem in life has never been about regretting things. From a young age I’ve been so afraid of regretting anything that I’ve erred on the “crazy side”. Over analyzing what my goals were and what I wanted to do, spending time worrying about not being able to do those things to the point of exhaustion. OCD is something I’ve had since I was young and the fears associated with what *could* happen (bad things) drove me to spend loads of time praying that none of these things would come to pass, but a positive side effect being my career and lifestyle because of hyper-vigilance and perfectionism. Continue reading

for better

To my dear friend Scott, on the eve of his wedding. Thanks for being true-blue these past ten years. You told me once that “I have a right to be on this planet” and I think I maybe believed that for the first time when you did. And, on the whole, I think you’ve gotten me out of more scrapes than in, so…

I am so happy for you and Tiahna. Godspeed Mr. Hillier! All Blessings and Love with you, now and for the rest of your days together.

Dedicated to the happy couple (maybe you can slow dance to this in your honeymoon suite!):

Daft Punk – Something About Us

the Cruelest Animal

Our favorite trendy urbanite who has most likely never held a gun.
Credit: Danny Ghitis for The New York Times

From “City Dwellers With Time to Kill” from this Sunday’s NYT, an expose into the dark heart of Gotham’s Big Buck Hunting subculture:

Recently, Richard Flynn, 30, a researcher at the Sleep Disorders Center at New York University and a nationally ranked player, formed a one-man hunting party called the Cruelest Animal. “It’s based on the Nietzsche quote,” he said.

That’s right, Übermensch Richard Flynn, dear friend of the Fishwicks, doing it real big on the electronic, simulated hunting scene all by his lonesome!

Kudos, Dick!

Craft Saturday

My friends in Cville and I have a brunch group. It is so totally fabulous. Friends, delicious brunch foods, coffee, mimosa’s and great conversation. This past week I hosted brunch / crafting day. We created handmade tags and decorations for Christmas presents. Kristin Moore, brunching lady (and talented photographer) documented the beginning part of the day and took some gorgeous shots:

Baby, baby.

We welcome the newest members of the Moore and Zahl families! You all are in our thoughts, prayers, and jubilations today.

Here is a song literally about a baby. And its good. I don’t know many of these. Dedicated to Charles and Jon!