The hardest attribute of God to believe is omni-benevolence. That notion is so far outside our comprehension, that, really, anything goes!

Outwardly silent, ear-muffed in our symphony of electronic flatulence and gazes fixed: Bohdidharma would be impressed (not understanding our technology, nor our stares).

We want to want less pie, but do not want reasonable opinions. We desire to be those that we want less cake and desire to define “less” itself.

My economic recovery plan: government subsides for monomania.

Time heals all wounds but how much time do you have?

A mistake to assume the affluent have followed their dreams. A mistake to assume the successful have ever dreamed at all. If we don’t make fools of such men, who will? We who are lousy with truth and the deep thinking.

When the still, small voice whispers “Non est tanti…”

Work is what we must do to ensure our lives have margins in which we can scribble.

What great idiocy is your upbraiding meant to reveal?

The acknowledgement of constraints as a necessary component of art is utterly redundant.

No greater joy for a father than to be understood by the son.

There are certain things everyone has to do, no matter how they think of themselves.

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