Summer is Ending

Back from vacation and it appears that Jarvis is now going through a growth spurt. Our nights are now very fitful. He’s growing very fast and brings us much joy each day so I can’t complain too much. The last couple of days have extra rough for me because I have a raging case of Strep Throat that manifested itself on Monday night. I’m on antibiotics now so hopefully it will clear up soon.

I am bummed to report that with the end of the summer also comes the departure of one of my dear friends; Emily Gum to Oxford. We decided to just say “see you soon” because I intend on visiting her this Spring and she’ll be back around December of this year. It’s still really hard to see a friend leave. I’m super happy for her and the adventure she is embarking on.

For both James and my Birthday we decided to re-decorate our living room and buy a few things for the house. This photo shows one of our new lamps! I bought a set at Patina Antiques that are the real deal, aka, not cheap. We love the black shades. Our new rug, comfy chair and ottoman are in production. I’ll post more about the living room and redecorating in another post!

It’s hard to say goodbye to summer as we have cool days this week. Fall brings such a sweet melancholic feeling though. I find that the Fall is when I have a flood of memories from Fall times. We took our trip to Paris in September and were married in September. We celebrate our wedding anniversary next week, although instead of a big trip our lamps is our joint “gift” this year 🙂 Last night we talked about our hopes to return to Paris someday with Jarvis. We’re starting to save already…Baby is crying! Will post more soon…

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