Big Big Monkey Man

Sometimes when I try to get Jarvis to smile, he smiles.

Most times when I try to get Jarvis to smile, he makes a monkey face.


At 2am I tried to rock a fussy JPF to sleep. I could barely see. As his yelping faded, I knew my rocking was working. Surely his little lids were crashing closed as well. “What a good dad am I,” I thought.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, there was my boy. And his huge monkey face. The facial contortions continued for about 45 minutes before sleep took him. Our baby books do not explain why your infant will happily ape at you in blackness of night for nigh on an hour.

I am unsure what this says about my parenting.

Monkey Men

This one goes out to you, Jarvo:

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