Memorial Day Yoga (feat. Elvis Presley)

Just back from an intense workshop series with the inimitable David Garrigues – ex-punk rocker turned slightly bananas Ashtanga instructor (meant in the best possible way!). Great stuff! Precise teaching that took me down more than a few pegs. While I don’t like the dogma and stricture of a by-the-book Ashtanga postural practice (and I don’t think enough in the community understand its real place in history), you can get pretty sloppy doing yoga at the gym — all the while thinking you are really hot stuff for being able to do all the circus-y poses offered there. Good alignment cues are so critical if you actually want to get something out of it whilst not hurting yourself.

Here are some favorite poses that I didn’t get to do at the workshop:

So-so Vrschikasana

Patience young grasshopper...

ugly Visvamitrasana

Mukta Hasta Sirsasana B



Taking care of business, no doubt, but what does Elvis really think?

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