Baby Shower

Saturday was full of laughter and catching up with friends and celebrating our boy. The food, drinks and cake were fabulous. James and I received many lovely baby gifts. So many already love this little one!

Just a few of my best buds at my shower this past Saturday.

On the way home from NOVA today we hit up Unique Thrift in Fairfax and had a delicious lunch at a pollo a la brasa place (aka Peruvian chicken). I miss the diversity of food in DC, so it was a big treat to dive into some yucca, aioli, beans and rice and delicious rotisserie chicken. We ended the day filling up the nursery with bags to unpack, reading the Times and lounging. I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open because I stayed up super late last night and then didn’t fall asleep until 4am because the baby was moving around so much. Looking forward to a hopefully more restful night tonight.

Random but worth sharing: James found this amazing Gary Numan version of 3 Gymnopedies tonight. We are both fans of Eric Satie’s music, but this combo is just wonderful.

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