Our Veggie Garden

This past weekend we finally planted a garden in a small plot in our backyard! James did all of the real labor. Our landlord prepared the plot for us with organic content and compost, plus mulch. We purchased the supplies from Fifth Season and Southern States. The folks at Fifth Season were so nice and even consulted to help us figure out what we should do. We’re no longer tomato garden novices!

(The ground looks much dryer than it actually is in these photos).We bought five heirloom varieties from the City Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning after eating a delectable breakfast from the taco vendors, topped off with a freshly made organic glazed donut and some iced Shenandoah Joe’s coffee. The farmer’s market on Saturday’s is so awesome; definitely one of my favorite aspects of living in Charlottesville.

Just look at this handsome, sexy gardening husband!

It felt good to cross off a big “to do” item on our before baby list. We also did some much needed pruning of the wisteria around our house and trimmed up some vines in the front of our house. The house no longer looks like a scary haunted house now (we had giant spider nests embedded in the vines out front) and more like the cute cottage it is. I took some nice photos with our new camera, and will post some of them this week. We are getting some much needed rain this week…and this is the first time I can say I’m glad it’s raining…for the sake of the garden!

In other news, I am having pregnancy-related sciatica now. While bending over to pick up a sponge in the bathroom when I was cleaning yesterday I thought I was going to be paralyzed. It’s amazing how different my body feels this past week. I can really tell that the baby has gotten larger and the weight of my belly and strain on my lower back and legs is getting hard. This stuff is totally amazing and I’m using it all the time. I tried sleeping sitting up one night this week just because of how uncomfortable it was to lay down. It didn’t work, but nights are fitful. Poor James.

Almost there, right?


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