San Francisco Again

We’re heading to San Francisco, CA again! Work stuff brings us back almost a year to the day we were there last February. I didn’t take that many pics last time. This time around I’m going to take a lot more. I’m also going to make sure we get back to this restaurant in The Haight. Definitely plotting some Spring clothing purchases…maybe a visit back to Wasteland. The best store for used and vintage designer clothing I’ve ever visited. I went in there on a lark while killing time during our last visit and was pleasantly surprised by the ridiculously low prices. I’m definitely bummed I can’t buy anything this time from Bettie Page clothing. Last year James bought me TWO beautiful dresses from this store because it was almost as if they were made for me. This time around I will be sporting a 5.5 month baby bump! No form-fitting rockabilly dresses for me until (here’s hoping) mid summer.

2 comments on “San Francisco Again

  1. Margaret February 6, 2012 1:17 pm

    Look at James with his cash money!

    Can’t wait for your review on San Fran this time around. Have a lovely time!!

    • Steph February 6, 2012 6:22 pm

      Yeah I’m taking the *new* Canon this time!

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