Month: February 2012

Maternity Clothing Rant

Update: See follow-up post “Maternity Clothing: Ideas and Resources” here!

I loathe maternity clothes. I dred getting dressed. I normally take delight in choosing my outfits. When I found out that I was pregnant I searched high and low for cute maternity ideas. I imagined that during pregnancy I would wear tight shirt dresses. But in those visions it was always summer. I’ve ended up being pregnant during all cold months instead. I have heard about Hatch and other modern online boutiques from some sweet friends but they all strike me as overpriced and the designs are way too tent-like for my taste. I have decided that there really are no good options when it comes to pants for pregnant women.

About 701,000 other women feel the same way.

This image above from Lucky magazine is such a joke to me. What are those pants? I don’t know what person would want to have buttons and other metal work pressing into their tight bulging belly??? Those would obviously fall down if they were under the belly. Also, $165.00 is a ridiculous amount to spend on a pair of pants you can only wear for a few months. That skirt looks so uncomfortable and I would never wear kitten heels! The only thing here that I can say is practical is that Jansport backpack. On our trip to San Francisco I was sporting a book bag!

A really cool friend gave me a bag of her maternity clothes to borrow and two pairs of jeans that another friend had given to her. I’ve been getting by on these and have purchased 2 of the low-end maternity pants (one from Motherhood and one from Gap Maternity). Both pairs are a joke. I can only stand wearing them for a few hours and then I feel like my skin is crawling. I’m also the type that has always invested in expensive “designer” jeans. That’s because I’m so tall and thin that I have to buy jeans that are long and lean. I also prefer skinny jeans. Now, I’m forced to wear baggy high waters! I know this sounds silly, but I do feel incredibly dorky most days.

I wonder if I should consider starting a maternity line or engineering some better options? How is it 2012 and we still don’t have good options for this?

And again…update post written: See follow-up post “Maternity Clothing: Ideas and Resources” here!

Image above from a post by Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo

Nursery Sneak Peek

The nursery / guest room is still “under construction”, but I thought it would be fun to share some of it. Taking some photos this week I realized that most of what we have in there is either a hand-me-down or a DIY project. We practically didn’t have to buy anything so far. I’m planning to paint one wall and to hang some more artwork. For now, here’s a little sneak peek. (Above: Swan purchased at Circa, lamp purchased at Low Vintage, Winnie the Pooh book from a friend.)

We’re still deciding where the Narnia poster will go, but for now I’ve propped it up.

This dresser was our first purchase for the nursery. It is a mid century mod solid wood dresser we found at Circa (our favorite spot for furniture) for only $175! We are considering painting it navy blue. I think it would look so lovely in navy with a wide brass modern knob in the center of each drawer.

The rug pictured is a hand-me-down from my parents and the quilt was a wedding present.

Yet another Circa purchase, this stool was only $25 and I recovered it in a beautiful rich creamy fabric with a coral pattern. The vintage brocade curtains are one of my old standby’s and have hung in multiple places I’ve lived. I bought them from Unique Thrift in Arlington for only $5 each. I’m still figuring out how to hang them properly, but for now I’ve rigged them up. I think they work nicely in here because they aren’t too cutesy but also anchor the window.

This changing table was a freebie from a family friend. We were not going to have one originally and just do the dresser-top changing station, but this piece is nice because it has shelving. On it is a growing collection of soft and cuddly dolls. Most of these are from James’ parents. They were made by his great Aunt and lived originally in his nursery. All of the characters from Winnie the Pooh are in there. I love the beautiful wool baby blanket my parents gave us for Christmas. The mirror is another Circa find for under $10. I spray painted it gold and hung it next to some heirloom Chinese plates.

The bed is a deceiving, albeit comfortable, futon in perpetual bed mode. We love this thing because the mattress is so firm. The pillows and shams are all made by a friend whom I did a trade with last year in exchange for some branding work. The nightstand is a project I did last summer as well. It was mine all throughout my childhood but was an ugly brown and pretty scratched up. It has nice lines so I sanded, primed and painted it a super high glossy red. I finished it off by adding two lucite pulls from Anthropologie. There are a couple of “before” shots of the nightstand below that I took during the redo. The lamp is an antique purchased from an old roomie / bff during a yard sale we had, and the foo dog was found on Etsy. The painting above the bed was done by Marion M. Junkin, a friend of James’ Grandfather. I think this nice inherited piece which was matted and framed by my mother-in-law works great in a nursery without screaming “kid room”.

One of the cute handmade dolls: Kanga from Winnie the Pooh.

We’re inheriting lots of books from James’ family, and baby clothes once we know the gender of the baby. We are so thankful to have so many sweet things given to us from his childhood to make this room feel like home.

I can’t wait to share the final room with the crib and other things in place. Stay tuned…

Oh and here are the before pics of that nightstand:

Upside down during the sanding stage.

Priming stage

San Francisco Again

We’re heading to San Francisco, CA again! Work stuff brings us back almost a year to the day we were there last February. I didn’t take that many pics last time. This time around I’m going to take a lot more. I’m also going to make sure we get back to this restaurant in The Haight. Definitely plotting some Spring clothing purchases…maybe a visit back to Wasteland. The best store for used and vintage designer clothing I’ve ever visited. I went in there on a lark while killing time during our last visit and was pleasantly surprised by the ridiculously low prices. I’m definitely bummed I can’t buy anything this time from Bettie Page clothing. Last year James bought me TWO beautiful dresses from this store because it was almost as if they were made for me. This time around I will be sporting a 5.5 month baby bump! No form-fitting rockabilly dresses for me until (here’s hoping) mid summer.