Month: August 2011

First Drafts: How Sam Abell Makes a Photograph

Since 1970, Sam Abell has worked as a documentary photographer, shooting primarily for National Geographic. Over his 40-year career, he has depicted Aboriginal Australians, Montana cattle ranchers, and the Imperial Palace of Japan. Here, in an exclusive video interview (via our bud Ross McDermott and the Atlantic), he recounts his year-long quest to find the perfect image of bison skulls for an essay on American painter Charles M. Russell.

This documentary was produced by Alex Hoyt and filmed and edited by Ross McDermott. 

for better

To my dear friend Scott, on the eve of his wedding. Thanks for being true-blue these past ten years. You told me once that “I have a right to be on this planet” and I think I maybe believed that for the first time when you did. And, on the whole, I think you’ve gotten me out of more scrapes than in, so…

I am so happy for you and Tiahna. Godspeed Mr. Hillier! All Blessings and Love with you, now and for the rest of your days together.

Dedicated to the happy couple (maybe you can slow dance to this in your honeymoon suite!):

Daft Punk – Something About Us