Month: May 2011

the Cruelest Animal

Our favorite trendy urbanite who has most likely never held a gun.
Credit: Danny Ghitis for The New York Times

From “City Dwellers With Time to Kill” from this Sunday’s NYT, an expose into the dark heart of Gotham’s Big Buck Hunting subculture:

Recently, Richard Flynn, 30, a researcher at the Sleep Disorders Center at New York University and a nationally ranked player, formed a one-man hunting party called the Cruelest Animal. “It’s based on the Nietzsche quote,” he said.

That’s right, Übermensch Richard Flynn, dear friend of the Fishwicks, doing it real big on the electronic, simulated hunting scene all by his lonesome!

Kudos, Dick!

Batman Comes Home

Batman! from Stephanie Fishwick on Vimeo.

James knows I love Batman. The Adam West show, The Animated Series, and all of the films (except for a love / hate relationship with Batman Returns). Anyhow, he surprised me with a hilarious Easter gift this week. He ordered a remote-controlled flying Batman from woot a couple of weeks ago. A french manufacturer was liquidating and it arrived a few days too late. Today after purchasing batteries (and some tinkering) Batman was in flight—actually he was propelling erratically around the room like a giant bumble bee. I had to capture this. I grabbed my iPhone and it was so hilarious that I made a quick little movie. I love James—I love that he bought this thing and how serious he was about making Batman take off and land.
Eventually it seemed to be working!