Kate & Jack Spade

Yesterday while catching up on The Selby I found the home of Andy & Kate Spade. Which is just so beautiful and cozy. I have always admired her designs and style. Although, I have never owned one her bags I have been spending 2 years now looking for the right leather bag to drop some cash on. It’s a big decision since I’m going to have to live with it for 20-30 years (I don’t intend on buying a bag that expensive and not using it for a long while). At any rate, of course I was thinking “hmmm maybe a Kate Spade bag?!”

Then, this morning a newsletter came through from House Industries selling me over-priced Christmas goods (for “creatives”, stuff like shirts that say KERN on them and other stupid things I would never buy). But one item caught my eye. These are cool, but do I really need to spend that much money on dish towels? No.

It was interesting to see that they were being sold at Partners & Spade. Interesting in that, clearly, they are now targeting my demographic. I perused their site and found some of their latest Ads. How clever and manipulative this ad campaign is! Its beautiful, enchanting and smart. It is perfection for their target audience, creating a sort of dream world of Selby-like casual snapshots.

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