Month: November 2010

A New Mix: 40 Songs

I compiled a bunch of songs for a friend’s birthday present. A mix of Christian (loosely interpreted) songs. Gettin’ spiritual on this one!

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P.S. Somehow track #6 is wrongly titled. It should be Abraham instead.
P.P.S. Track #16 should be Myrrh instead.


  1. I Could Drive Forever—Smog
  2. (That’s How You Sing) Amazing Grace—Low
  3. Rejoice—Pedro the Lion
  4. Rutti—Slowdive
  5. Somewhere—Sun Kil Moon
  6. Abraham—Sufjan Stevens
  7. If Only They Knew—Ester Drang
  8. Under the Milky Way—Starflyer 59
  9. Faces in Disguise—Sunny Day Real Estate
  10. High Rising—Suede
  11. This Corrosion—Sisters of Mercy
  12. Rise—American Music Club
  13. Clean—Depeche Mode
  14. This Time of Night—New Order
  15. Herculean—The Good, The Bad & The Queen
  16. Myrrh—The Church
  17. Raise Her Hands—Wovenhand
  18. There is a Kingdom—Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  19. My Love Paramour—Cocteau Twins
  20. Thursday—Asobe Seksu
  21. Send His Love To Me—PJ Harvey
  22. You’ll Never Walk Alone—Elvis Presley
  23. Look Into Jesus—Larry Norman
  24. I Believe in You—Bob Dylan
  25. Rationale—Bill Mallonee
  26. Into Dust—Mazzy Star
  27. Prayer for the Paranoid—Mojave 3
  28. Sketch for Dawn 1—The Durutti Column
  29. Weightless—Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois
  30. Stand on the Word—Joubert Singers
  31. Forever Heavy—Black Moth Super Rainbow
  32. All Neon Like—Bjørk
  33. Nothing Can Stop Us—Saint Etienne
  34. We Could Forever—Bonobo
  35. Hung Up On A Dream —The Tough Alliance
  36. In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country—Boards of Canada
  37. Traveling Through a Sea—Grouper
  38. Love—The Art of Noise
  39. Obsession (live)—Delirious?
  40. “40″—U2

High Rising

I’ve become obsessed with a song from Suede’s famed B-Side album Sci-Fi Lullabies ever since listening to it for the first time last week. A good friend of ours loaned us his copy, surprised we hadn’t heard it. I’m surprised too! The entire album is mesmerizing, but the song High Rising in particular, struck a chord with me. I feel like it sort of embodies the time of my life when I first met James. I was listening to a lot of post punk. I was feeling lonely in a city, wondering if there was anybody out there for me. When I first heard this song it reminded me of James and that time period, almost like the feeling you get when a song really does take you back…but I’m pretty sure I hadn’t heard this one before. I’m putting together a photo book right now, so I have pasted a few of our early pics below.

Isn’t it fun to look at old photos? These are all from the very first months of our relationship, which I can’t believe has almost been 4 years ago. I love him with all of my heart.

Ross took this photograph just hours after I had met James for the first time. I was hosting a housewarming party at 1113 Fairmont.

James, serving up some palak paneer at an indian dinner party hosted at 1113 Fairmont Street.

This photo was taken at a birthday party just after James and I became an official couple. Trisha borrowed a funny mask from work and ran around pretending to be a party guest. It was hilarious.

One of the first times we hung out in DC for the weekend.

…You’ll hide among the covers and wave as the aeroplanes go by…She called you from across the city you hired a car to crawl, But with the high rise still in your eyes you wonder who’s out there at all…

Craft Saturday

My friends in Cville and I have a brunch group. It is so totally fabulous. Friends, delicious brunch foods, coffee, mimosa’s and great conversation. This past week I hosted brunch / crafting day. We created handmade tags and decorations for Christmas presents. Kristin Moore, brunching lady (and talented photographer) documented the beginning part of the day and took some gorgeous shots: