Around this time of year I start to have a major beach craving. With the weather getting cooler I feel such nostalgia for the warm weather and the time I spent at the ocean during the summer. (Some of you might notice that I tend to mention the beach alot on here). I do like Fall and the changing season, but feel sad at the same time with the thought that I might not be at the beach for a while. Earlier this week I spotted these great photographs of a beach in Portugal by artist Christian Chaize on 20×200. His photos document a small stretch of coastline in southern Portugal and just jumped out at me. I love the composition and palette. I can almost smell the saltwater and hear the soft muffled chatter of other people as the waves break and slap on the wet shore. Makes me miss the ocean all the more…

So I made a quick mix this morning with songs that convey a longing for the sea and posted it on 8tracks. Click to listen.

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