Home (Coming Home)

Back home and it feels good! The journey home seemed to take forever. At some point over the Atlantic Ocean I discovered “Bridget Jones’ Diary” for lack of better options and out of boredom. All along I thought it was a trite romantic comedy, but its actually quite clever and hilarious. It got an 80% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, James! (He rolled his eyes about 5 times while I was watching it).

One of our first orders of business once home was to get a massive amount of take-out szechuan food from our favorite take-out place; Taste of China. We ended the day unpacking. It was glorious to catch up on the much needed sleep in our own house. Yesterday I got our photos printed at Kinkos and filled up the photo album purchased at Papier +. It is the perfect little booklet.

I’ll post some photos of the book and some of the pretty things purchased in Paris, soon. Next up: Top 10 lists from our trip.

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