Paris Day One: 5:44 am

We have arrived! The commute was a bit harrowing…more from James on that:

The apartment is so parisienne and lovely. I will definitely be posting photographs of the amazing wallpaper. We are exhausted.


So, the subway from CDG to the rest of the B line was down. I was able to sort of discern this from ominous loudspeaker messages and some hidden signs. We found where the coaches ran from, and I was in the good company of many confused French speakers as well, so didn’t feel too disheartened. Found a ticket desk, and was able to spit out “deux billets” and a “Je ne comprends pas” after that. Finished the transaction in English and we bumbled to the right bus with a little help and exaggerated pointing to my map. Arrived at Paris Nord after a sort of depressing voyage through the Parisian Queebs, did a few laps, found the B line, and stumbled into the breaking day in front of Notre Dame. Breathtaking!

And now, nap time.

Photo All rights reserved by Gérard Farenc (On/Off)…

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  1. Jesse September 18, 2010 1:11 pm

    Nooo!! No naps during the day! (Unless you plan to stay up all night…!)

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