a quote for decade four(!)

Shared by DZ on Saturday night at my B-day party:

We have this notion in this country, not only of endless economic growth but of endless personal growth. I have a certain characterological antipathy to the notion of we’re all getting better and better all the time. And it’s so clearly belied by our experience. You may get better in certain ways for 10 years, but one day you wake up and although things are a little bit different, they’re not a lot different. And I think if one can get more accustomed to that somewhat more tragic view of life, that people would think yeah, ‘We don’t actually need to have a bigger and bigger house, and a bigger and bigger car, and more and more things in the house.’ That there might some way to think of the world in different terms, so it was more about being and less about growing.

Jonathan Franzen

I think, on entering my 30s, I’m at a place where I’m more concerned with removing obfuscation than self-improvement/growth. Trying to learn accept the self and the world just as they are, without too much judgment. Trying to rest in the fact that God has a place for me in this world independent of my striving and inclinations.

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  1. Steph September 14, 2010 10:28 am

    Yeah, I like that quote.

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