They are not men. They are cats.

In order to celebrate “Something for Everybody”, their first album in 20 years, DEVO hosted a nine hour listening party… for kittehs.

I wonder if we can get a giant blue energy dome for Sue to play on? Or wear?can has devo?

EDIT: So  DEVO is the Fishwicks’ favorite band. Our tongues are not in our collective cheek. (We are also dead serious in our appreciation for LCD cat humor.) Some favorites for the uninitiated (lamers):


DEVO doesn’t care if your life sucks – in fact, if you’re choking on the American Dream, it’s probably because you deserve it.

[via io9]

One comment on “They are not men. They are cats.

  1. Steph June 18, 2010 12:20 pm

    Those are some good picks!

    Must not forget the amazing Time Out for Fun and Out of Sync (O_-)

    “Take a break, take some time, everything’s gonna be alright…”

    “She’s out of sync…Trapped in a silent movie, and she’s on the brink”

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