A Rather Unlovely Thing

It ain’t fair, and sometimes it ain’t pretty neither.

Life has been a little dreary and drawn-out lately, as I suppose is the natural state of things in January. I’m feeling overworked and drained, my creative juices desiccated. Gunning for big changes at work and sweating 10 hour days and wondering if anyone even notices. Unappreciated by the world (‘cept by Steph, natch) and underwhelmed by it too (‘cept by Steph, natch).

Panda Poddle

Sometimes life is ugly. Ands sometimes you think you aren't living like you should.

Sometimes you just need to keep pressing forward through the miasma of greyness and pressure and routine because you know the weather, as it must, will warm, and the Muse, as she must, will whisper in your ear again. You will be suddenly overwhelmed by the play of a sunbeam on the cutlery as you wash the dishes (again!) and the mundane will prove beautiful and you will be glad you are there, right there, to see it.

What’s that you say? “But! What I’ve left behind looks trifling. What’s ahead looks black. Am I doomed to spend my life a-lingering on?”

From Pippin:

You look frenzied, you look frazzled
Peaked as any alp
Flushed and rushed and razzle-dazzled
Dry your lips, damp your scalp
Now I can see you’re in a rut in
And I’m not one to butt in
But in fact I must say
If you’d take it easy, trust awhile
Don’t look blue, don’t look back
You’ll pull through in just awhile
‘Cause you’re on th right track

Don’t worry, you’re doing fine. I am too. It’s hard to feel in the groove this time of year.

Until then, if you need some inspiration as you paddle-out through the doldrums, I recommend listening to surf music. Lots of surf music:

One comment on “A Rather Unlovely Thing

  1. the klf January 30, 2010 8:54 pm

    wow, james i’ve been feeling the same exact way. i don’t think i’ve physically seen a person (besides the little girl and family take care of) in 6 days. it’s treading mega hard. i resulted in talking to my roommates cat.


    anyways, it was nice to read this, it makes me feel a little better.


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