New Year’s Resolution

I have never been able to deny myself anything, not even a cup of coffee if I wanted it.


Forcing oneself to be a better person… it just doesn’t work. Trying to do something, or develop a new habit or way of being, just because we have some nagging idea that it is healthy, or useful, or should be done… this is bound to end in failure and a great gnashing of teeth besides. I certainly know I have no chance in succeeding at any endeavor if it is “ends” driven. I am good at making myself feel guilty, but I can’t really point to many positive lifestyle traits or qualities of self that are are truly a result of such. I have have never been able to make myself “better” and I doubt I ever will.

ANYWAY, ANYWAY, such New Year’s musings are just to hint at my one Resolution for this year. In 2010, I want to build The Most Useless Machine Ever!

Many blessing to you and yours in the New Year!

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