Often Awesome: Episode I

Often Awesome The Series is a web series about my old friend Tim and his B2B Kaylan’s battle with ALS. It’s a story about love, friends, strength and courage. Tim is looking for 2000 views by New Year’s:

This show will help us make an impact on this horrible disease and raise money for ALS TDI, the group who will cure this disease and, possibly, save my life and others like me. The cure is within our sight. Now it’s time to fight. Plea…se, send this link to your email contacts, facebook group, myspace list, whatever. The more the hits, the more awareness and money we can raise for research!

There is to be a new episode released every two weeks, and I’d like to show them here on our blog.

For more information about Tim and Kaylan’s fight visit : oftenawesome.org

If you are interested in funding research, please make tax deductible donations to the ALS TDI at: oftenawesomearmy.alscommunity.org/

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