God loves us where we are, but He loves us too much to leave us there

A faith that costs nothing and demands nothing is worth nothing.

— Martin Luther

Interesting blog post I stumbled upon today via a Facebook update from my friend Sam. Its about a forthcoming book, Already Gone, which focuses on the claim that 2/3 of those young-adults who have grown up in evangelical churches are leaving.

It would be too recursive for me to write on a blog post about a review of a book, but I leave some choice quotes to entice/provoke you to read the article:

I get too many things in the mail from churches that say, ‘Come just the way you are, you don’t have to change.’

While God loves you where you are, he expects you to change. We don’t put the fear of God in our churches, we don’t have that respect. We’ve made Jesus our homeboy. He’s not our homeboy, he’s our Saviour.

They (young people) have written church off as a moralistic bad guy that wants to keep them from enjoying their life.

God isn’t a vending machine of good gifts. This (joining the church) will not be the easiest thing you have done.

I think there is a hunger where entertainment is the approach to worship. It doesn’t really satisfy. I think there is a richness in the ancient traditions that speaks at levels where contemporary music fails.

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