Little Black Dress

I’m feeling some inspiration to break out a little black dress and lots of pearls this winter after seeing a couple of inspiring films. There is a great independent movie theater right down the street from our house which I decided we haven’t frequented often enough. I love going to the movies but don’t really have (or make) as much time for them as I would like. Despite this, I’ve ended up seeing two movies there in the past couple of weeks. Today we saw An Education and I saw Coco Before Chanel with Emily and Kristin last week. The three of us were semi intrigued by the half-baked biographical elements, but in fact, the film was just a really, really pretty piece. It prompted me to read about the real Coco Chanel. I never realized before how influential this woman was on modern fashion. She introduced bell bottoms, suit jackets, suit skirts, the little black dress and the now ubiquitous Chanel No.5 perfume. An Education was also well styled, but I wouldn’t recommend it due to the terrible ending. James agreed with me, but it has won a bunch of awards so maybe I’m just picky?

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